Hasten Mercy – Head Fake’s Michael Baker

Hasten Mercy is the new solo project of Michael Baker, a Head Fake member. Released under Global Heist Recordings/Neurodisc Records, it consists of three songs, each of which is different and has unique lyrics. Nothing is more enjoyable at the beginning of the new year than good songs, and Michael Baker has done it amazingly. It features pop songs having the temptation to the old times.

“Star You Are” is compelling, and its remarkable and simple composition overwhelmed me. After listening to it many times, it pushed me to the old times. The song’s lyrics are soft and have an optimistic touch inside it. Baker’s voice makes words sound more candid. The song will give old and new touch at the same time, as the lyrics are full of optimism and struggle.

The next song is “These Things.” This is one of my favorite songs, featuring composition and lyrics that are indeed heartfelt, which made me connect on a different level with the artist.

“I Break Everything” is the last song which is also relatively impressive. As the music starts, the listener will feel the pain in words, and the ups and downs of life start beating in a natural tone. Baker absolutely nailed the lyrical narrative, and his sublime voice made it feel more real.

Overall, this project is short but very meaningful and engaging. And we can’t wait to see what Baker has in store for us next.

About Hasten Mercy:

Married and uncertain of his future, a young Toronto native, Michael ignored the advice of his musical mentors and headed off to law school, eventually landing in New York City. With a young family and 18-hour workdays, music found its way into his home by singing his young daughters to sleep and exposing them to various genres and styles. Oozing originality, “Hasten Mercy” is destined to create waves by highlighting influences of the ’80s such as The Smiths and Stone Roses without changing the essence of his origin.