Sanity (Prod. Marvillous Beats) By Marv Middle

We came across recently released new single and music video “Sanity”. It’s hard to come by a really passionate artist like Marv Middle, where you create music out of genuine love for your craft, your fans, and overall artistic merit. Marv Middle is making a loud comeback with an original self-produced song called “Sanity”. This record features live musicians from the Washington, D.C. band Kontrolled Khaos. “Sanity” definitely is professional and creative. We find it…

"Sanity (Prod. Marvillous Beats) By Marv Middle"

Second Time by Ferera Swan

Adoptee and singer-songwriter, Ferera Swan is the next voice in music that is ready to discuss something real. Her brand new track “Second Time” is a heartfelt and deeply moving song piece. This is the first of many projects that will bring awareness and highlight issues of mental health, trauma, adoption, foster care, and victim abuse. After learning that she was adopted at age ten, Swan poured unanswered questions into music and wrote her first…

"Second Time by Ferera Swan"

Its Time To Know More About ZeTay Debut Mixtape Trust Tha Z

Q: For our readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words? Ans: Positive,Good Music, motivational, inspiring Q: You write all of your own music; where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process? ANS:i just let it come to me i don’t think about it its very natural Q: At what age did you start singing? ANS: I don’t sing i…

"Its Time To Know More About ZeTay Debut Mixtape Trust Tha Z"

Get Cha Hustle Up by Thuggizzle

Thuggizzle doesn’t waste a bar as he claims his stake in Hip Hop. Freestyler Thuggizzle prides himself on rhyming off the dome with the ability to think of clever, intricate rhymes on the spot. Thuggizzle rhymes “off the dome”, meaning he has a precise meaning and subject matter to communicate, he just doesn’t write it down and makes up his rhymes on the go.

"Get Cha Hustle Up by Thuggizzle"

Jim Scary – I see things

Jim Scary, rapper and songwriter of Long Island (NYC), returns to Italy with his new single and video titled I see things published on January 10, 2019. Jim Scary wears a mask in all his videos, and on all his public appearances and on social media. It is part of his image, of his message and of his artistic journey, to remain anonymous and separate from the immense number of artists who flood the music…

"Jim Scary – I see things"


SHOP is an electro-funk song about having a shopping addiction! This is the perfect song to play on the dance floor, in stores, or while you’re getting ready to go out and have some fun.  Put your heels on, get your cards out, and be ready to dance with the best of them. If this fresh Pop song is not on your playlist yet, than please take it in consideration. Mama Cleo is an LA-based…