Good Man By Diva Fly

Talented artist Diva Fly impresses her fans and music critics with her interesting release Good Man’. You can feel the professionalism throughout the. Lyrics, Vocals, music and  each and everything has been done with perfection. Diva Fly  iscomposure who likes various genres of music and she depict her songs as “musical poetry.”  

"Good Man By Diva Fly"

Squished Penises – “Not My President”

  Squished Penises originally formed in London in 1976. They played all the gritty local punk clubs and thrived as the self proclaimed “Worst Band Ever”. On August 12, 1979 their lead singer Willie Todger was abducted by an unknown alien species and the band subsequently went on hiatus. On July 12th, 1990 Willie when was found wandering in his skivvies near Groom Lake, just outside of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada. After escaping…

"Squished Penises – “Not My President”"

Do The Freddie by The Roving Apatosaurus

Music Video for the song “Do The Freddie” by The Roving Apatosaurus. This is a cover of the 1960s dance hit from Freddie And The Dreamers. Available for purchase (digital download) and streaming. Look on CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, and many others. Instrumentals By: Pitch Perfect Productions, Jerusalem, Israel: Alon Leon Hillel Alon Leon Hillel (

"Do The Freddie by The Roving Apatosaurus"