Top 100 Biggest Selling Songs of the 21st century

Top 100 best selling singles from 2000 to 2016: This ranking represents the amount of copies sold by each song of the 21st century. The number of copies sold it’s represented by digital downloads and also by physical singles sales. Listed all song with more than 6.4 million singles sold. I didn’t include songs before the 2000s. I only took songs from the 2000 to this year.

"Top 100 Biggest Selling Songs of the 21st century"

A Latest Interview With Famous Singer Johnny Dynamyt Kroon

Q: When u decide itz time to make a new record, is it more exciting or more stressful? A: Itz ALWAYZ more exciting when I begin workin on a new record bcuz muzik iz wut relieves my stress(my therapy)! Q: How easily to songs tend to come to you? A: Very easy, now that I’ve truly accepted my GIFT God allows me to create on a daily basis. Q: Whatz your advice or motto that…

"A Latest Interview With Famous Singer Johnny Dynamyt Kroon"

10 MIND-BLOWING Stories Behind Popular Songs

Music is the very essence of our being, allowing us to create self-expression without limitation. Often times, we may not really think about what we are listening to; however when we do, it gives a sense of knowledge and appreciation for what we’re experiencing at that very moment. This art form has pushed many people to their limits, including the ones that we may hear about all the time today. The struggles that they bear,…

"10 MIND-BLOWING Stories Behind Popular Songs"

Famous Music Artist Lord Kass Talk About His Music Life

SntMag Team Recently Interview with famous and passionate music artist Lord Kass ! We share our conventions with him for all his fans Q:What gave you the inspiration to make music? I came from a family of music. My mom was musician and very talented singer. She even taught me how to dance when I was younger. I started out as a break dancer, dancing was my first love. Q:what was it like growing up…

"Famous Music Artist Lord Kass Talk About His Music Life"

An Interview With DJ Frank Roländ

Frank Roländ (23) is a London based Melbourne Bounce / EDM Dj. He produces under the ‘umbrella’ of Universal Music Group.  Roländ has already played around Europe, Asia and Australia. Also know as #TeamNoSleep since he is always working on some new projects. His sets are known by his extremely energetic performances. Q:First of all, You just get back from Australia. How was it? Ans:It was simply amazing. Honestly, one of my biggest dreams was…

"An Interview With DJ Frank Roländ"

A Quick Q & A With Multi Talented Gone Avery

Sharing the stage with legends such as Richie Ramone of The Ramones, pop-rock band Gone Avery has begun to make their mark on the West Coast music scene. With shows at historic venues such as The House of Blues and The Roxy, the four-man group has built a passionate fan base and an even greater collection of original content. With an upcoming album release under a division of Sony Music and playing with genre greats,…

"A Quick Q & A With Multi Talented Gone Avery"

An Interview With The Famous Music Artist Matamoska

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful? Ans: Its work more than anything, we come in with a mentality of producing a product. We are excited but we can’t get too ahead of ourselves or else we lose sight of finishing the album project. We are excited once the recording and mixing process is done. That’s where we start adding all the flare and magic! Q: …

"An Interview With The Famous Music Artist Matamoska"