How to Attract Followers On Spotify

Considering its status as one of the best-loved music streaming platforms in existence, Spotify is ideal for acts and artists hoping to gain playlist followers and promote their own works. However, the process of doing so is not always simple. The following paragraphs offer some useful methods of attracting new fans and followers on this highly-utilized service. It is indisputable that Spotify is extremely popular with those who like to stream music, and it has…

"How to Attract Followers On Spotify"

An Interview With Talented Singer Bino Boss Bricks

How do you handle mistakes during a performance? A- I just go with the flow, my sound is unique I can’t prepare for every moment just be me. Q-Do you get nervous before a performance or competition ? A-No I’m very confident, I allow God to lead my every step. Q-Do you perform in public, if so what are those events like ? A-Yes, I perform and compete. I recently won a competition through a…

"An Interview With Talented Singer Bino Boss Bricks"

Freeway Rick Ross Music Group Distribution Artist Edgar Dickey bringing that real music and fashion!

Edgar Dickey is an up and coming singer that landed a major distribution deal with Freeway Rick Ross music group. He have 10 songs under distribution and here recently just landed my single Role play featuring J Kidd on Nielson BDS charts ranking at #46. You also can find all of his music on all the major digital platforms online. Edgar Dickey dropped his first official music video for  single (Addicted) which can be found…

"Freeway Rick Ross Music Group Distribution Artist Edgar Dickey bringing that real music and fashion!"

Ricardo Reyes has signed an Exclusive Deal with XCX Artists

Now the Guatemalan Artist Ricardo Reyes set his goal towards an International Career and a place on the Hollywood Music-Scene. Ricardo Reyes has signed an Exclusive Deal with XCX Artists and together with the well renowned Hollywood Music Producer Geo Slam. The recording of new music with an International Sound is in progress. Geo Slam is a Swedish Record Producer/Songwriter based in Los Angeles. He has worked with many of the world’s best-selling recording artists…

"Ricardo Reyes has signed an Exclusive Deal with XCX Artists"

May – Peace – FInd – You – Tonight – WAV Mdbmastered

As we look around and see a world that is topsy turvy my hope is that for each of you, the one thing you find somehow through faith, meditation, prayer, constructively is peace and that is what this song is about. Listen Now & Enjoy.

"May – Peace – FInd – You – Tonight – WAV Mdbmastered"

An Exclusive Interview With Alex Blue

Bio: Well, I grew up in a small state where ambition was scarce. I’ve always been told by my mom to strive for what I believe in no matter how much it seems like I won’t make it. I started rapping in middle-school just for fun but then began to get serious in high-school when my friends around me started giving me positive feedback. Over the years in high-school there would be random kids that…

"An Exclusive Interview With Alex Blue"

eLAY is back with an amazing EP!

Award winning singer/musician eLAY from Birmingham, England is making a comeback after a terrible illness. He has put his energy (amongst many other interesting projects) into releasing a brand new EP. If you are a fan of musical genres which include funk, indie or rock, then you should find eLAY appealing. This 2 Track EP really shows eLAYs individuality and creativity. It is actually produced by eLAY himself at Production Boudoir studio and consists of…

"eLAY is back with an amazing EP!"