Sashank Venkatesh -The Classically Trained Musician Who Crosses Over All Genres!

When a friend suggested we listen to the music and singing of Sashank Venkatesh, we looked him up on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and we were blown away. He was something as rare and original as one can imagine. His songs were beautifully written, and his singing was so impressive that we immediately told all our friends about this musician from India who is also an esteemed music producer and audio engineer and currently living in Los Angeles.

We found out that Sashank was trained in Indian Classical Music as a child and that took care of forming and developing his most beautiful and unique voice. He studied music since he was 6 years old and started playing the guitar in his teens when he landed in two music schools. That’s where he started to accumulate an enormous number of tools to guide, shape and support his art along with other peoples too. Around that same time, he found himself being pulled into the world of music mixing, mastering and production, whether it was in the studio or live, and that set him on the path to become an audio engineer.

One of the big achievements in his music career has been Popcorn Kid, a project that he co-produced, wrote, mixed and mastered for Aztec Records, to which he was also signed. He and others put out a record called “Memory Tapes” through Aztec and were a part of their stellar network of artists around the world, with whom he collaborates frequently. He has also been affiliated with the Recording Academy for more than 3 years, as part of their crew for the 2019/2021 Grammy Week events. Sashank will also be reprising his position there, for the 2023 awards as well. He is grateful to have been briefly affiliated with stalwart producers like Hazebanga, Thomas Warren and Rick Nowels. Being around them, watching and being a part of their work were some of his biggest and most memorable learning curves. His career as a composer, sound designer and audio engineer for film/TV/games also has picked up steam and he currently holds a position in Streamland Media, the biggest post-production company in the world.

Sashank has a run of confirmed gigs coming up in December through March as a guitarist, singer and keyboardist and he’s also looking at more shows next year but waiting for exact dates. He is always staying busy and looking forward to the next opportunities that present themselves!