*UPDATE* September, 2019 -Kohta Suzuki aka ‘JQ’ aka ‘Nubarich’ will embark on a US journey in September, for the recording of his new album. With the help of some heavy weights in the music industry –combined with his own incredible production and writing skills “JQ” Nubarich is set to make a huge impact on the US music scene! He will record 26 songs for the album, which will no doubt be less than amazing!

The Japanese pop-rock band Nulbarich might want to consider a name change if they continue to sell out huge venues like Nippon Budokan in Japan, the Strawberry Music Festival in China and the Grand Mint Festival in South Korea. The name Meteoric Rise might be appropriate for them. Since releasing their first album in late 2016, the band has been showing Asia what happens when artists blend passion and love for what they do with creativity, sensitivity and music skills.

JQ, Nulbarich’s founder, producer, songwriter and front man/lead singer always gives a 110% to his audience and also makes sure that he greets them and talks to them during the performance in either English or Japanese. So far, Nulbarich have performed throughout Japan, Korea and Taiwan supporting other big artists. However, their first headlining live concert was earlier this year in Taiwan at the Legacy Taipei, to a huge crowd.

JQ and Nubarich were a big hit and their 10 song super hits (of a 20-song set)    had a nice mix of current hits and older classics. Of course, ‘classics’ is a relative word and in the case of this incredible music group, since they have come so far in such a short period of time, a Nubarich ‘classic’ song can be as young (or as old) as three years old.

The Taiwan show opened with the great song “Silent Wonderland,” which was the ending theme song from the popular film Missing Johnny. That award-winning movie was directed by Huang Xi and Hou Hsiao-hsien was the executive producer. Huang Xi was at the Nubarich show in Taiwan and he felt the lyrics and the general mood of the song reflected the mood and feel of his film. He said that the song, like the movie was “constantly in motion, but standing still at the end.” He also said that Missing Johnny slowed down a bit at the end but had a happy ending, just like Nubarich’s concert.

JQ and his band members received a lot of sustained applause and loud cheers throughout the concert and JQ made sure to thank everyone for their loyal support. He knows as well as the other band members, that without the audience loyalty no band could exist -let alone move up the ladder of popularity as fast as Nubarich has. JQ continues to write songs and the band traveled to South Korea for another solo-headlining show at the beginning of the summer performing across Asia before taking their tour to the US. The world is in for a treat when they hear the smooth vocals of JQ and the amazing sounds of Nulbarich. We can’t wait!