An Exclusive Interview With Multi Talented singer, songwriter and Producer Yona Marie

Hailing from the DMV area, singer, songwriter and producer Yona Marie has had a taste of success with her last single trending on Spotify. The hot new singer with a degree in Music Business from JU is making her mark and continuing to pave the way in the industry with her latest single “I Gave You”. We had a chance to chat with Yona about her new single and career goals for our Music Spotlight series.…

"An Exclusive Interview With Multi Talented singer, songwriter and Producer Yona Marie"

Only Love by Pale Blue Dot

The latest single from the highly acclaimed album “Anatomy,” is Only Love, an acoustic rock track filled with groove, harmony and catchy sing-along lyrics. As vocalist Tony LaRocco sets the pace for this laid back number, he is afforded the room to express himself utilizing on-key overtones to create a self-harmonized vocal which encapsulates each idea within the verse and gives Only Love the movement and the pop-sensible hook. The bass groove which Drew Pompano…

"Only Love by Pale Blue Dot"

Malea Release Her New Single “HERO”

Fresh from the success of One Hot Mess and Swept Away, Malea returns with Hero, a single showcasing the maturity and professionalism of this seasoned musician destined to make a name for herself in the pop music community. Featuring an elegant acoustic guitar melody, Malea’s voice is carried over the music and becomes an instrument in itself. With a wide range of vocal ability, covering multiple keys, Malea can harmonize and encapsulate musical ideas with…

"Malea Release Her New Single “HERO”"

PaulWetz Feat. Nothing In Common – Chasing Hills [MASTER]

Written on a bike ride in Stockholm when PaulWetz was missing his hometown and the hills that surround it ‘Chasing Hill’s’ is a return to Deep House vibes for this young German artist, and his subsequent move back to the Black Forrest.Made in collaboration with Alice Edstrom, the singer from Swedish Indie band ‘Nothing in Common’.  

"PaulWetz Feat. Nothing In Common – Chasing Hills [MASTER]"

BAG SZN by Kid Fre$h

 With a rapid succession of lyrics in a clear and concise manner, Kid Fre$h delivers the goods on BAG SZN. A showcase of lyrical, rapping talent this freestyle Hip-Hop single is rich with imagery, metaphor and provocative concepts exploring the theme of making it in the ever-competitive Hip-Hop genre. “It’s the season to be rich,” along with other decrees of the prize of hard work, dedication and loyalty BAG SZN is an exploratory into the…

"BAG SZN by Kid Fre$h"

Willow Raye Release His New Debut Single Deja Vu

The debut single from Los Angeles native, Willow Raye is an inspiring and captivating track offering vocal clarity and original instrumentation. Showcasing her vocal talents, Willow Raye displays her range as she explores the concepts of soul mates, unspoken communication, and deep emotional connections in Déjà Vu. “Think I met you in a past life, can you read my mind?” Willow Raye projects her voice over the synth melodies and deep bass grooves while dialing…

"Willow Raye Release His New Debut Single Deja Vu"