Cannot Say (single version)

“Cannot Say” is the debut single from Reise (rī-sə), who blends New Wave/Post-Punk Revival, Alternative Pop/Rock, and Dance Rock, layering catchy hooks with uplifting string arrangements over grooving rhythms. Inspired by the sights and sounds of the early 80s Second British Invasion, Reise is a bridge from the past to the present.   Follow on Social Media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

"Cannot Say (single version)"

Alberto Accettulli: Inside The Action

Italian-born and Los Angeles based filmmaker Alberto Accettulli has gained notoriety and critical acclaim for his commercial spots for the world’s leading companies and extreme sports films. Alberto features his filmmaking and videography skills as a commercial director in the global advertising space. He specializes in filming automobiles, extreme sports, and motorbikes. Prior to his career as a filmmaker, Alberto excelled as a professional freestyle mountain bike athlete and was selected as the first Italian…

"Alberto Accettulli: Inside The Action"

An Exclusive Interview With Talented Producer Low K3Y

When did you start producing? I started producing when I was 16 years old, I had no knowledge of music or anything haha, I didn’t know even how to count bars. I just loved music and knew I was going to figure it out cause other people had. What was your earliest influence? My earliest influence has to be Puffys No Way Out . It was the first album I ever owned, I got it…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Producer Low K3Y"

Scream Please by The Used Notes

Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful? Ans:  Definitely exciting,  I have no idea what will happen musically and where the lyrical inspiration will come from once I sit myself down to write.  I used to get stressed when I planned songs but I abandoned that way of working for a more organic approach. Q:  How do you shut things out? Ans:  Distraction is the best…

"Scream Please by The Used Notes"