An Exclusive Interview With Talented Singer & Songwriter BeckwithJP

Singer/Songwriter BeckwithJP is about to release his new EP titled II on the 10th November 2017.  It features the new single ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ and is the follow up to last years #13 iTunes charting EP I. Q:When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful? Ans: After we released the first EP last year and with the chart position (#13 chart on UK iTunes Singer/Songwriter…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Singer & Songwriter BeckwithJP"

William Goldstein – Intensity (Created Live in Concert)

This album is a unique classical crossover collaboration between William Goldstein and Maksim Velichkin. It includes an emotional arrangement for cello and piano from the academy award nominated song by Justin Hurwitz, Audition (The Fools Who Dream) from La La Land. The music is both classical and contemporary, lyrical and beautiful, heartwarming and intense, comical and tragic. It is a collection of instant compositions, or improvisations, continuing the great tradition that dates back to Liszt,…

"William Goldstein – Intensity (Created Live in Concert)"

Ox Osmel Fabre Performing HALLELUJAH By Leonard Cohen

Ox Osmel Fabre performing HALLELUJAH by Leonard Cohen. A more rocky version, but deeply intense, from the italian singer songwriter. Ox has just released this fourth album NAKED and actually promoting it online and looking for booking to bring his music across the Europe. Official site – facebook: HALLELUJAH

"Ox Osmel Fabre Performing HALLELUJAH By Leonard Cohen"

An Exclusive Interview With Jan Daley

“Triple-threat singer, actress, songwriter evokes a heartfelt expression of the soul from a life lived and lessons learned both old and new , which makes her so appealing to all audiences of contemporary jazz.” Miss Daley broke into television with a musical series and appeared on shows such as “The Tonight Show,” “The Merv Griffin Show,” “The Dean Martin Show” and several popular variety specials. In addition to touring with Bob Hope, Miss Daley also…

"An Exclusive Interview With Jan Daley"


Combining elements of soul, EDM and pop, Anirish makes a stylish debut with her single ‘Take What You Want’. The track showcases the full range and character of Anirish’s standout vocals, which confidently carry a hooky, radio-ready chorus. The A-grade production values of ‘Take What You Want’, a process in which Anirish is directly involved, prove that this exciting new artist is serious about breaking the charts. Also a talented songwriter, Anirish has a musical…


An Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Jushaun

My name is Jushaun, I’m an artist from Naranja, FL. I try not to box myself into one genre but if I had to it’ll be hip-hop. I grew up with a heavy r&b influence and big imagination so you’ll see me always incorporate that into my music. I’ve been writing since elementary where I would get in trouble for my early explicit lyrics. Over time, life changes and a couple different rap name changes…

"An Exclusive Interview With Talented Artist Jushaun"